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Hospitals Hospitals Discover new opportunities for process improvement throughout your entire hospital with audio-visual solutions and IT for diagnostics, multidisciplinary team meetings, video conferencing and medical procedures Mobility Mobility A traffic centre that operates at peak performance by continuously monitoring and improving mobility and logistics processes. Accessible meeting facilities and effective video conferencing Defence Defence Live dashboarding of field operations with reliable data and imaging inside your war room. Mobile and stationary observation, meeting and training facilities Police Police Everything in sight and under control with accurate observation technology, data transmission and display options. Mobile, transportable and stationary solutions

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Safety Regions Safety Regions Multidisciplinary teams are able to maintain overview and stay in constant contact with all emergency services from a professional control room. React with real-time imaging and data when every second counts Industry Industry Monitor efficiently and improve operations continuously from inside your control room with easily accessible meeting facilities and effective video conferencing Utility Utility Follow and improve processes from a control room that gives you a complete and clear overview. Meet and stay in touch with other business locations with video conferencing facilities Broadcast Broadcast Solutions for camera technology in television studios or an OB van for television productions. Back-drop walls, master control rooms and television control rooms Telecom Telecom Obtain continuous insights into your communications and data traffic. All processes are managed by your operator and displayed comprehensibly on the management overview display. Security Security All events can be sent, streamed and stored for observation and display. A security control room, security log or private security centre is the heart of your security concept.

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Leisure Leisure Want to offer your visitors and guests up-to-date information? Create your own content, vibe and experience with digital signage. These state of the art audio-visual solutions enable maximum effectiveness for managing and scheduling meeting facilities Government Government Information displays and digital signage in public areas, meeting and streaming solutions in council chambers and other spaces where people meet