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ATLAS Communication - powered by Voxtronic.

All Telephone and intercom communication is made possible by our partner Voxtronic. INTER integrates multiple components of Voxtronic including the Dispatcher, TCMS (Technical Control & Management System) and the Call Session Controller (CSC). 

Advantages ATLAS communication – Powered by Voxtronic
A proven communication system delivers improved ease of use for all operators. 

  • All incoming and outgoing communication transparent via single interface. 
  • Radio communication, telephony and/or intercom can be controlled digitally via the Dispatcher.
  • The central management system provides insight into the status of all connected devices.
  • Listen back through voice logging to analyze crucial moments.
  • GIS integration - Direct integration of external geoinformation systems.

Why do you choose ATLAS communication?

  • Ease of use supports the flexible use of roles at different workstations
  • Speed, no different means of communication and actions. 
  • Clean desk principle, no phones, radios and/or other equipment for communication. 
  • Ergonomics
  • Central configuration management

Where is ATLAS applied? 
ATLAS is used in control rooms and related spaces where overview, speed, precision and ease of use in regard to communication is desired. 


  • Police, fire brigade and rescue brigade
  • Process control
  • Traffic management
  • Railway
  • Air traffic management

TCMS is a central management system. It is used to monitor and manage all ATLAS elements and other SNMP-compatible devices. TCMS is web based. The intuitive interface does not require installation and works with all recent browsers.

  • Update management; Software, firmware and operating systems;
  • Performance management; Monitoring and optimization of performance parameters;
  • Alarm management; Acoustic and visual signalling as well as e-mail, SNMP trap, SMS, etc.;
  • Configuration; configuring all components through a common user interface;
  • Backup and restore; Software, configuration and data;
  • User and group management also through LDAP integration.
  • Monitoring -  Overview, business status and logging of all monitored components
  • Statistics and reporting - Detailed statistics and reports, as well as data exports on calls, technical parameters, etc.
  • Dashboard - Custom Views

Voxlog - Archiving communication processes

Voxlog documents incoming emergency calls, missions, incidents and communication processes to preserve evidence, prove compliance with legal requirements, clarify communication content, and ensure quality. 
Voxlog  meets all the requirements of a modern registration and documentation system for communication processes in control centres, communication centres, vehicles and emergency services.

Voxlog reliably and legally documents all application-relevant data, including location information from any source.

  • Video and voice documentation (camera, radio, telephony);
  • Record screen content (screenshot, video clip);


The dispatcher, as the central coordinator, communicates with all task forces and executing agencies, keeping track of all actions. The user friendly interface of ConexTM Dispatch supports fast, reliable, and cross-technology communication with relevant employees and emergency forces. Dispatch can communicate with communication subscribers at any time, make important announcements, make calls, and access recordings. Because the Join VLC is an analog IP Gateway, it is possible for the Dispatch to communicate with virtually any analog radio, telephony and intercom.

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