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ATLAS is a multi-functional application that fully integrates controls and communication. By centralising all aspects, users remain in full control of the work that is being carried out. This contributes to process optimisation. With its user-friendly interface, ATLAS users can easily and intuitively control every system they want to. The comprehensible overview of all data and options make a positive contribution to how processes are being handled.

ATLAS features many functionalities such as communication, image routing, object control, camera control, room management and workflow management. ATLAS workflow management creates connections with underlying systems, that create workflows if triggers are generated (alarms, notifications, etc.). With this task list, the user can complete the workflow. The modular build-up of the ATLAS system means that the user is only presented the functionality needed on that moment. Expanding the options with additional functionalities at a later point in time is easy. This makes ATLAS useful in very straightforward and highly complex processes alike.

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