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One of the solutions developed by INTER is ORflow. A proven platform for the integrated operating room. More than 350 operating rooms throughout Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands are nowadays equipped with healthcare solutions from INTER. Solutions not only developed for, but also with operating teams. 

Our integrated software platform offers internationally the modules ORflow video switching and iMAS essentials for recording and streaming. The modular-based platform is scalable, ready-to-use and flexible. The modules can either be integrated with each other or they can be applied standalone, unrelated to the platform and independent from each other.

ORflow video switching

This module ensures an intuitive interface for the routing, reviewing and sharing of medical images and videos on the monitors in the OR and beyond. And is continuously rolled out with new developments that make the difference in the daily working life of the surgical team.

What will ORflow video switching bring to the surgical team:
Only one user interface to control: -video switching of endoscopy/PACS/EPD/PC to the most convenient monitor in the OR or beyond;

  • an easy selection of sources to be recorded;
  • the starts & stops of recording & streaming;
  • a source you need to stream;
  • music or camera settings;
  • easy linking of patient records to recordings;
  • not only recordings from A to B, also shortening/ trimming of video files or making critical views (in combination with iMAS essentials software).

A future proof solution

The future of an integrated operating theater is an operating room that focuses on continuous process optimization. In adopting ORflow, you are secured of a solution that is continuously developing new modules for extended integration of regulations and other guiding principles in the OR workflow.


INTER is the market leader as a system integrator and software supplier within the Dutch healthcare market. Since 1970, we’ve gained a reliable reputation within niche area hospitals, thanks to our extensive experience and thorough domain knowledge of operating rooms. Today, over 350 operating theaters are equipped with INTER digital OR solutions.

System Integrators

We’re seeking reliable and knowledgeable system integrators abroad, who under the guidance of INTER wish to contribute to the global digitization of surgical rooms. We’ll help you define the best path, provide the knowledge you need and support you with extra hands where necessary. As a system integrator, we know that challenges may occur. We will support system integrators wherever needed with our knowledge and experience, so you can find new opportunities as a full solution integrator.


Are you a hospital or a system integrator and do you wish to know more about other benefits of ORflow video switching for the hospital? Or curious about the modules, add-ons & functionalities we offer for an integrated operating room?  

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