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ORflow, the process and information management system supports medical professionals by displaying the right information through every phase of the medical procedure. Important status information, patient information or team information are displayed comprehensibly on the central information screen in the operating room.

Benefits of ORflow
The OR team completes each phase of the medical procedure with the help of digital checklists. Digitalisation of this process with ORflow ensures that manual actions and registrations are limited. Smart alerts automatically trigger other actions or alert the OR team to be extra attentive during process phases. This helps the OR team to focus all their attention on the patient and the medical procedure.

The improved team communication strived for by ORflow contributes to a solid decision-making process which decreases the chances of human error. This helps the surgical process to become safer and more efficient.

ORFlow with integrated image routing
We are continuously working to further expand the functionalities of ORflow. Consequently, integrated image routing in ORflow goes even further. Not only does it provide your OR team with the right information, it also seamlessly integrates with other systems. Data from both your own and third party applications can be easily connected to by connecting them to ORflow.

Extensive functionalities

  • Integrated image routing in PIP, PAP or quadview
  • Integrated DICOM viewer with 3D reconstruction
  • Image and video footage storage within the EHR / PACS
  • Radio controls
  • Audio and video streaming from every operating room to every desired location within or outside of the hospital
  • Web-based iMAS online portal for image editing
  • …..more to come……

Challenge us and share your input with us! We invite you to help us develop ORflow even further and soon replace the ‘more to come’ with your idea!

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