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As a Service

Ensuring that our solutions work properly and stable is essential. Guaranteeing this can however not always be facilitated within your own organisation. To assist you, INTER has made is possible to use all our solutions ‘As a service’. This means that you only pay for using the systems, while INTER guarantees a proper operation at all times and carries out all maintenance and management, from functional changes to expansions.

What does ‘as a service’ mean within this context? 
We understand that managing and maintaining our multimedia solutions cannot always be facilitated within your own organisation. The capacity or technical know-how about these specific solutions may simply be unavailable, or budgets may be a bit more constrained than you would prefer.

We therefore enable you to use all our solutions ‘as a service’, eliminating the need for an upfront investment while only paying for the on-demand usage. INTER will remain the owner of the solution and guarantees that all systems work as they are supposed to. Future developments? No problem! We will provide you with all expansions and integrations you require.

Maintenance, service and management all taken care of with ‘as a service’
Our ‘as a service’ model only charges for the usage of our solutions, for instance in the form of a subscription. This may be a fixed amount, based on actual usage or the number of users. This unburdens your internal IT department and significantly reduces the initial investment while also reducing expenses for technical maintenance and internal time allocation. As the entire financial consequence is certain in advance, all risks are eliminated. Your specific requirements and preferences determine which ‘as a service’ user concept is the best solution for your specific situation.

‘As a service’ offers you the following benefits:

  • No considerable upfront investment during initiation
  • Risk eliminating and cost-saving option
  • Always available and operational
  • Maintenance, service and management all taken care off
  • Expand and integrated your easily scalable solution as you please

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