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Prior to delivering the technical solutions, we always determine the ideal work process together with our customers. The process as it takes place in practice does not always reflect the most logical or efficient way. The INTER consultants help you in determining your optimal work process, after which we figure out which technological solutions will support you the most.

Discover improvement opportunities together
In the process of procuring solutions for visualisation, communication and operation, having a proper understanding of the ideal work processes is important. Often, the current work process is the departure point to develop the new technical solutions. This replaces one system with another system, resulting in a lost opportunity to further improve efficiency, quality and cost control.

An additional requirement for full network integration projects, is that the most up-to-date requirements in the field of security and privacy must be charted. The research required to retrieve all this information is unknown territory for a large number of companies, which is understandable as it is only carried out once every so much years.

How do we assist with this research?
We always ask ourselves why something is happening and try to answer the following questions:

  • Can specific rooms be combined to increase the occupancy rate?
  • Can specific acts be automated or divided amongst existing job roles?
  • Which process steps are relevant and who is the most appropriate individual to carry them out?

The ideal work process
All these questions are asked without taking any technological limitations into account. Together with your users, we determine your ideal work process. Upon completion of this phase, your organisation possesses a fully detailed work process with all corresponding privacy and security requirements. In a next step, this result can be used to initiate a functional and technical concept.

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