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To efficiently set up long-term massive image and video storage, INTER developed a sustainable media management solution: iMAS essentials for recording and streaming, the storage & streaming solution for the operating room. The solution was developed not only for, but together with operating teams. Today, more than 350 OR’s are equipped with INTER software solutions. 

Long-term image and video management

Images and recordings made by the surgical team can be saved directly to a patient’s medical record. With simple findability, a hospital is ensured of a sustainable, long-term control of image and video management. iMAS essentials consists of two main components:

  • iMAS essentials for recording and streaming
  • iMAS online portal

iMAS essentials for recording and streaming

Provides optimized storage of images and videos, simple findability and sustainable long-term image management. Images and recordings can be directly saved in a patient’s medical record. To adequately set up long-term massive storage, iMAS is a sustainable storage solution.

iMAS online portal
The iMAS online portal is a web-based content management application that streamlines the storage, management and archive of medical videos and still images. With the availability of a growing range of medical sources, effective management of content is extremely important. The iMAS online seamlessly with all recorders and manages the created video content.

In combination with the iMAS essentials for recording and streaming, this web-based portal (HTML 5) offers an ideal solution for hospital staff to have easy access to clinical information and multimedia of a specific patient.

What iMAS essentials brings to the surgical team:

  • Accessibility and usability of images and videos;
  • Simple access from any desktop workstation through iMAS online;
  • Easy streaming in hospital network through iMAS online; (optionally);
  • Saved images and recordings directly linked to a patient’s EHR;
  • Start recording from an EHR work list instantly;
  • Thanks to retro recording - starting a fragmented time lapse back in time crucial events are never missed in the recordings. This avoids unnecessary stress and extremely long, unimportant recordings;
  • Operating interface easily integrates with ORflow image routing and other modules;
  • Set triggers in video recordings and photos through scope, foot pedal or touch screen.


Do you wish to know more about other benefits of iMAS essentials for recording and streaming? Or curious about the modules, add-ons & functionalities we offer for an integrated operating room?  

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