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The increase in availability of and the need for (image) information in the operating room also increases the complexity of information management during the execution of medical procedures. To enable a proper configuration of image management, a durable storage system is required. Our INTER Medical Archiving System (iMAS) ensures the correct storage of all images and videos and makes it easy to find individual items.

Why opt for the iMAS storage system? 
Operating rooms and (endoscopic) treatment rooms are used increasingly for making selective or black box recordings, often in HD or SD quality. These recordings are then used to register information in the EHR, but also for quality management and training purposes.

The regular storage systems are not equipped for these large quantities of heavy file formats. Furthermore, all footage must be stored quickly, safely and in a practical way. The method chosen for storage, file placement and file sharing often depends on the type of footage. Privacy conditions, user authorisation and requirements regarding the image quality are aspects playing a role in all of this. Our smart iMAS storage system takes all these aspects into account. It’s a scalable system that can be expanded or scaled-up easily, while we can of course create connections with the EHR / PACS. This makes it easy to retrieve all footage for the corresponding patient file.

Benefits of the iMAS storage system

  • Reliable storage solution
  • User-friendly interface
  • All data easy to find
  • Authorised access from work stations / web server
  • No loss of space in the OR
  • Complies with all legal requirements
  • Learning material for healthcare professionals

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