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During the performance of medical procedures, it is important that the medical team has all the right images available whenever they need it. Our iOK image routing system ensures that displaying, repeating and sharing medical footage within and outside of the OR becomes easy. The core of our iOK system is a user-friendly software environment installed on a touch panel, which is used by the OR team to distribute information to the monitors inside and outside of the operating room.

iOK image and audio routing
To ensure maximum eye-hand coordination of the surgeon performing the medical procedure, it is necessary that all footage of the operation is immediately and properly visible. Each member of the OR team must be able to switch between different views without any delay. These views might include X-ray and endoscopic images, but also images from the EHR. All data is collected centrally in iOK and can be shown on the screens on the swivel arms or the walls instantly.

For training, verification or consultation purposes, the footage can also be recorded or live-streamed towards an external location when used in combination with out iMAS solutions. Furthermore, selecting your favourite music station or listening to your own playlist in the OR is easy as well.

Ergonomic medical procedures with iOK image routing
With iOK, the surgeon has an excellent view of the footage of the medical procedure from any angle or position around the operating table. This enables the surgeon to work from a natural position, which is important especially during longer operations and helps the doctor to fully concentrate on the medical procedure he or she is performing.

Future-proof with digital iOK
Want to obtain a future-proof interior within your operating room facility? As a hospital, you want your digital operating rooms to be as prepared for the future as they possibly can be. You want to answer to developments and expansions whenever they occur. With our iOK system, your digital operating rooms are entirely future-proof with video-over-IP in 4K and 3D. Furthermore, this system is fully scalable and brand-independent.

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