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Our systems support healthcare professionals in every hospital department to optimise operating, work and meeting processes. We achieve this by combining image and information streams within the hospital and making them more efficient. Internationally we work together with system integrators to install and support our software locally. As a system integrator, perhaps you are receiving more and more questions about digital operating rooms, or maybe you have hospitals contemplating the transition to a digital OR environment. But where to start? What do you need? What specifications play an important role? Of course, you can receive training sessions to develop your skills and knowledge. 

Our joint objective? To enable medical professionals to make better, quicker and safer decisions. Discover the possibilities for process improvements by using audio-visual solutions and IT for diagnostics, MDT meetings, video conferencing, surgery and more.

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Our Account Managers can answer all your AV questions, from how to optimally equip operating rooms to the audio-visual interior of multidisciplinary team meeting rooms with video conferencing facilities, auditoria and offering service and advice for diagnostic workplaces.

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Maikel  Derksen
Maikel Derksen - Business Team Manager
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Jorick  Franken
Jorick Franken - Solutions Architect
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André  te Hennepe
André te Hennepe - Solutions Architect
Robin  Reusken
Robin Reusken - Director Marketing & Sales
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Fred  Hageman
Fred Hageman - Project Manager
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Geert  Jansen
Geert Jansen - Sales Manager Services
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René  Steinmann
René Steinmann - Senior Account Manager
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Thijs  Assink
Thijs Assink - Account Manager
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Edith  Irausquin
Edith Irausquin - Marketing & Communication Manager
Jacqueline  Kaya
Jacqueline Kaya - Total Quality Manager

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