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Blog #1 Piëtte Hoogendoorn

13 May 2019

Since March 2017 Piëtte Hoogendoorn worked at INTER as an Account Manager within the Dutch Medical Team. We are happy to announce that since the beginning of this year, she is taking up the task of International Sales Manager. In her first blog below she will update you about the start of her career at INTER, her experiences as an Account Manager for our Dutch Medical Team and the international challenges she will be facing in her new role as our International Sales Manager.

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The past years for me have been all about hospitals. How can we add value as a system integrator? Conversations have been inspirational; projects successful. It’s our solution ORflow that gives me a tremendous drive and the energy to ‘go abroad’.

Considering my background in law it did feel like a challenge when I continued my sales career at INTER, a system integration company. Would my future consist of only having technical conversations? However, it’s the exchange of words about needs and processes that are key to what we develop. As a result any pitch, for instance about our solution ORflow, just hits the right chord. 

I am now continuing these talks with system integrators worldwide. Great conversations about shared confidence and the relevance that ORflow has in any operating room. Or any control room for that matter in case of our solution ATLAS. These partners know their markets and see a world in need of digitalization, integration and efficiency. They know system integration and/or recognize the opportunity. In essence, my goal is to kick-start success for any system integrator without the misery for them of teething problems. Opportunity could also be found in the restrictions in choice of hardware brands.

As energized as I am, there sure will be challenges. Anyone that knows me, might not be too surprised: as used as i am being in direct contact with the hospital, the user, I do feel a slight struggle to leave that control to others. Fortunately that does mean I will gladly support our partners in that path to a first successful project. An amazing upside for me will be getting to know all these local markets and business cultures. The ones that will view my LinkedIn profile will easily guess what I’m using that experience for in the future.

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