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Handling your communication during critical processes smartly and effectively

14 June 2018

Clear communication and quick completion is crucial for critical processes. Poor communication leads to inefficiency, which poses a danger to successful process completion. Having various communication flows run simultaneously is normal. By structuring them in a right way, users maintain overview. ATLAS contributes to a positive settlement of the communication streams and ensures that all communication systems are available within arm’s reach.

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With ATLAS, users are no longer required to use various communication tools at a single workplace, but can reduce all of that to a single touch application. Handling and completing conversations is done with a single headset, handheld phone and/or foot pedal. This enables operators to quickly complete conversations. With a comprehensible queue feature, ATLAS enables immediate responses to priority calls.

Integration possibilities
ATLAS integrates various telephone exchanges, intercom installations and walkie-talkie installations. Integrating phone systems is done with SIP, a protocol for IP phone signals also used for setting up VOIP phone calls. Most often, we interconnect phone systems created by Mitel, Avaya and Cisco. Integrating systems with Zoom and Skype for Business is also possible. The walkie-talkie systems can also be connected both digitally and analogue. Intercom systems can be integrated with all common intercom systems such as Commend, Neumann and Stentofon.

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