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INTER opens its new Experience Center

29 August 2019


We already envisioned it as part of INTER’s future, but last year we officially started with the actual plans. Not long ago, INTER commenced the construction of an Experience Center. And we are proud of the end result. Our objective? To provide our relations with a first-hand experience of the possibilities and opportunities of system integration combined with AV and IT solutions, and how this can support their operational process.

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Experience, inspire and experiment
The construction project was no small affair, as much had to happen to attain this remarkably impressive end result. We started this project in collaboration with our partners and an interior architect. This architect perfectly translated our needs and wishes into a style that flawlessly matches the new INTER branding. It is an appearance that reflects our identity and daily responsibilities as a system integrator and IT and process consultant. As the users of our solutions are presented with the right information whenever they need it, we enable them to make better professional decisions on a daily basis.

Decisive approach
The technology applied in our Experience Center was selected by our Solution Architects. Of course we met various challenges along the way, but rather than going for the easy way out, we endeavoured to overcome them and attain an end result that entirely meets both our needs and those of its users. It is a solution that is intuitively used by everyone in our organisation, meets our own high expectations and is of course aesthetically pleasing.

The expertise of our many INTER colleagues also proved exceptionally valuable. Our consultant was assigned to this project as Project Manager. In performing this duty he fully listened to our needs and applied them in practice. All processes were well monitored and the overview was always maintained. All in all, this became yet another INTER project in which we take pride, with the added dimension of having it completed for our relations at our own facility.

Our Experience Center is aimed at connecting people. Each visitor is taken along in a complete experience in which imagery, sound and data are seamlessly connected as one. This aggregated result changes continuously and serves as a source of inspiration. Together with our technology partners and relations, we never cease to innovate. This leads to surprising effects, which we apply to provide our customers with better and smarter solutions.

The Experience Center mostly is a place where we zoom in on critical processes, the interaction between people and technology and the increasing role of system integration in this respect. It is a tantalising environment to exchange thoughts, be inspired or attend demonstrations and training sessions. Will you challenge us?

See you soon?
The official opening for our technology partners and suppliers will take place on the 26th of September. From 30 September onward, our Experience Center is opened to all our relations to experience a one on one personal session. Curious? Schedule an appointment with your INTER contact person today and follow our social media channels to be updated about all developments regarding our Experience Center.

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