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Inter Visual Systems will henceforth be INTER

26 September 2018

Short, powerful and easy to remember. Together with its new name, INTER has launched its new corporate identity and website, which is appropriate for the current company culture and the future plans of INTER. Growth, product development and further specialisation have led INTER to be ready for this next step.

Over the past 48 years, INTER has grown from a being a distributor of audio-visual systems towards a system integrator and (IT) process consultant, both in the domestic Dutch market as in the international market. With experts in the fields of technology and processes within specific markets with critical processes, INTER has increased its innovation strength of developing new concepts and innovative IT solutions.

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New INTER logo
The new logo is a visualisation of the new identity, which consists of the core values Connecting, Surprising and Decisive. With this new name and appearance, INTER wants to appeal to its customers, partners, staff members and environment. If you look at the logo well, you will probably recognise the small triangle in the letter Í in the logo. This Play button icon is both a reference to our core business as a representation of forward movement and a forward-looking mentality.

Pay-off INTER ‘forward solutions’
With this new logo, INTER presents itself together with its new pay-off as: INTER forward solutions. This new pay-off represents how future-oriented INTER is and what INTER offers as an open and accessible organisation that connects people.

New INTER website
In addition to the new corporate identity, INTER has also launched its new website. Every focus market has its own accessible page with solutions, concepts and news updates. The entire website is designed to be accessible, offer more footage, less text and simple navigation and filtering.

INTER company culture and future plans
Robert van Rooij, the Managing Director of INTER, says “Our new name and appearance are part of our strategic plan to position and act even more as a technology partner with a focus on process optimisation for our contacts across the globe. We achieve this together with our partners by further developing our solutions in the field of management, (internal) product development and system integration. In doing so, we strive to achieve continuous process optimisation for our customers.

Our solutions contribute on a daily basis to the ability of users of our critical and complex environments to make better decisions by having all relevant information presents to them immediately, correctly and comprehensibly. Furthermore, our solutions are also increasingly aimed at the international market. We will further inform about our international ambitions shortly.”

In the past 48 years, INTER has expanded from being a distributor of audio-visual solutions to a renowned system integrator and (IT) process consultant, both in the domestic Dutch market and in the international market. Our solutions contribute on a daily basis to the ability of users of critical and complex environments to take better decisions by offering them the right information. With a passion for technology, we create innovative solutions that contribute to process optimisation for our customers. Half of our nearly 100 staff members focus on system design, concept development, software engineering, installation and service. 

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