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More efficient Multidisciplinary Consultation Meetings with new technology at UMC Utrecht

2 November 2017

An increase in the number of multidisciplinary consultation meetings and staff meetings led UMC Utrecht and INTER to jointly develop a unique meeting concept within their multidisciplinary consultation meeting room.

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The new MDT meeting concept
Distinguishing features of this new MDT room include the spacious set-up of the conference table and the integration of various presentation and meeting systems to promote an excellent interaction between participants and more meeting efficiency.

The conference table with integrated technology
All audio-visual equipment is integrated into one, large, custom-made oval conference table, which has no less than twenty-eight 24” monitors integrated into the table’s surface, while yet another ten 55” screens are integrated within the table itself. This custom-made conference table is built-up of ten sections for areas of expertise that are always present, including Radiology, Pathology, Surgeon (Chairman) and Nursing expert (minute-taker). Furthermore, plenty of space is available for all other medical areas of expertise. The MDT conference table is finished with bamboo and offers place to a maximum of 40 healthcare professionals.

Meeting requirements
During the development of this meeting concept, the functional meeting requirements and specific roles of the doctors and nurses within these meeting structures were taken into account. For each meeting and role it is determined which image are shown in which way, so that each participant has all relevant information available directly and comprehensibly. The integrated video conferencing facilities also enable experts from other hospitals to participate in meetings. The new MDT meeting room enables medical experts of all fields of expertise, both intramural and extramural, who are present physically or remotely to be involved with the treatment plans of the patients. This makes patient meetings more accurate, quick and efficient.

Using the room
The increase in the amount of meetings partially originated from the recent foundation of a regional academic cancer treatment initiative. Multiple hospitals and experts collaborate within this RAKU initiative: a centre for the treatment of special types of stomach, liver, pancreas, oesophagus and gallbladder tumours. Within this collaboration, all experts from these three hospitals participate in a weekly MDT meeting to discuss the treatment strategy for each patient. This new meeting method is projected to save much time while decreasing the error margin which on its turn increases the survival chances of patients.

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