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New multimedia system for OR-facility of the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam

4 September 2017

These brand-new operating rooms will be equipped with the latest image routing systems and an intra-operative information screen that uses one large central screen to support the operating team during each phase of the operation process. This solution contributes to further increasing patient safety and efficiency levels within the OR. 

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A new hospital facility
This renowned Dutch hospital will use a new facility built at the existing location in the city centre and will have a total surface of 205,000 square metres. The entire building will be officially completed on 5 December 2017.

Progressive technology
The interior of the largest OR facility in the Netherlands with a 85,000 sq. metre surface is characterised by a large degree of innovation and complexity. The latest technologies within the INTER platform will be used within the OR facility that consists of 26 operating rooms – 4 intervention OR’s, 2 hybrid OR’s, 1 brachytherapy OR and 19 general OR’s.

INTER will deliver the following solutions and service support to these OR’s:

  • iOK image routing built with SigmaXG by Technolution
  • iMas image storage
  • ORflow intra-operative information screen including screen outside the OR
  • Streaming audio and video for each OR, including extensive audio installation
  • One or two (remote controlled) cameras in each OR
  • Integrated PACS viewer with 3D reconstruction
  • Direct connection with direction including complete direction studio studio.
  • Streaming audio and video in each OR including extensive audio installation
  • A multi-annual SLA (Maintenance & Management)

Technological requirements of the new multimedia system for the Erasmus MC OR facility
René Steinmann, the Senior Account Manager at INTER responsible for this project explains: “Our customer Erasmus MC considered it highly important to integrate the direction studio within the hospital network. INTER came up with a solution to switch all direction from and to all operating rooms. Furthermore, we also collaborated with our customer to define the form in which data must be delivered for post-operative wound infections, at the request of the Dutch Healthcare Inspection. Our goal is to become able to extract this data from the ORflow system automatically as much as we possibly can.”

Ideal user experience
In May 2017, INTER has equipped an entire dummy OR as part of the acceptance and proof of concept (POC). In addition to a technical POC in this room, users were also enabled to test countless scenarios. Any questions and remarks arising from these sessions were then registered, processed and integrated into the solution to achieve an ideal user experience. On 15 June of this year, the contract between Erasmus MC and INTER were officially signed.

Future oriented hospital facility
Dave Gonlag, the User Coordinator for the new facility and Jan Quak, the OR Project Leader at the OR are already looking forward to the successful commissioning of this future-proof and hypermodern OR complex. After having completed its acceptance tests, the OR system is expected to be ready for commissioning in March 2018 with the goal of delivering a maximal contribution to the healthcare process, both for patients and healthcare professionals.

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