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The control room as an experience center

17 August 2018

We have noticed a trend in the Control Room industry that transforms control rooms into experience centres.

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Organisations want to be perceived as attractive by all relevant stakeholders. A distinctive control room can be a tool to become more appealing to organisations. Consequently, we are noticing a trend in which traditional control rooms are transformed into experience centres.

What is an Experience Centre?
An Experience Centre is an interactive environment aimed at exceeding the expectations of its visitors. Experience Centres make it easier for organisations to convey their core message and help to increase the appeal of the organisation while improving interaction between the organisation and its stakeholders.

Complete interaction
The interaction consists of three elements: the customer journey, brand interaction and the product and/or service experienced by the visitor in that specific setting. An excellent experience translates to one that exceeds all expectations during contact moments. To attract visitors, the company must not only set itself apart in terms of substance, but also in terms of presentation and communication. The first impression in the total experience is highly important. It is also important to involve staff members in the total experience.

Transformation of the traditional control room
We see a sharp increase in requests for transforming traditional control rooms into an Experience Centre. The control room has always been an appealing location within the organisation, but currently available audio-visual technologies enable a smooth and innovative visualisation of the character, core values and expertise of the company. Combined with professional content, many options are available to convey brand, product and service information or provide for a functional display.

A transformation offers an innovative, renewing appearance to your (experience) control room, a place where staff members are proud to work and adds a tremendous appeal to your location for your stakeholders.


  • Appealing to new staff members and/or other stakeholders
  • A workplace to take pride in
  • Attracts new visitors
  • Provides for a unique presentation methods for your brand, products and/or services
  • Customer retention

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