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The INTER Experience Center INTER-X has opened its doors for visitors

25 October 2019

INTER-X, the new INTER Experience Center, was officially opened in late September this year at our headquarters in Duiven, the Netherlands. Over the past months, much work was done to complete our Experience Center. Both external partners and our own INTER staff members did a marvellous job with an end result in which we take pride. It resulted in a wonderful concept, to which we warmly welcome anyone who is interested in the far-reaching possibilities of system integration in combination with AV/IT and software solutions. Our objective is to show people how these solutions can support the operational process in critical environments.

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Experience Center
The creation of our Experience Center certainly proved challenging, not only for our own staff members, but also for our interior designer: Robbin de Vries of Studio Robbin. During this project, he faced quite a few challenges. “The ceiling was the biggest challenge”, says Robbin. He takes the most pride in the steel framework. “This is an absolute eye-catcher for INTER-X, an iconic part of the Experience Center.“

Experience Centers are trendy nowadays. So in terms of the general concept we are not unique. It is however perfectly possible to design such a concept uniquely. Of course we wanted to name this new development in which we take pride and in which we invested countless hours. All our colleagues thought along in finding the perfect name for our Experience Center. This was not easy. We could come up with a few dozen names, but making the final decision was hard.

INTER-X: a name that is linked to INTER. After all, what does it revolve around? The eXperience, exactly what we want to offer our visitors. In addition, INTER-X is an ideal venue for hosting training sessions, meetings and brainstorm sessions. Both internally and for third parties such as industry associations, relations and partners, our Experience Center with all its meeting and video conferencing facilities is available. Interested? We welcome your enquiry!

True experience
INTER-X has yet another surprise that we will introduce to you in early January 2020. During this experience, we take our visitor along with us in a world where critical processes, people and technology play an important role together. Especially in instances where every second counts. In a cross-market setting and storyline, we show how INTER can ensure that users make the right decisions based on being instantly presented with accurate information.

Watch the After Movie of our official opening on September 26th 2019 with partners and suppliers.

Want to learn more or schedule a visit to the INTER-X Experience Center? Contact us, we look forward to taking you along for this inspirational experience!

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