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Nsecure is an expert in the field of access and security management. INTER has fully equipped their Observation Room with ergonomic workplaces. These future-proof workplaces are used by operators to verify alarm notifications and visitor access, all within a comprehensible process.

The observers working in the Nsecure Observation Room remotely secure various objects by using smart technologies. With the cloud-based solutions offered by Nsecure, the observant receives alarm verifications, after which the visitors of their contacts can be granted access. To further enhance their Observation Room, Nsecure has opted for ergonomic workplaces. 

Innovative and ergonomic workplaces
Nsecure delivers innovative security solutions, which is reflected in the appearance of the Observation Room. The new workplaces have an innovative look-and-feel and are equipped with large 4K screens, aimed at providing a comprehensible overview within the Observation Room. All workplaces are configured in a split-level set-up, which means that heights of the desk and the screens can adjusted separately. The observers have reacted positively to this new work method and report that it has become easier to focus.

Future-proof approach
As an expert in the field of access authorisation, Nsecure ensures that organisations are in control when it comes to access and security to their corporate locations. At the same time, extending a warm welcome to anyone visiting these locations legitimately is of course important too. To further enhance the service towards customers in the future, all workplaces have been built future-proof. The system can be further upgraded in a later stage, so that observers are able to use all sources available to them both flexibly and elegantly.

Myron Peroti, Team Leader Observation bij Nsecure licht toe: “We maintain a pleasant collaboration with INTER. The new interior is a great match with our corporate identity and adds value to ensure that we can provide our services properly and efficiency. Our customers have also complimented us during visits to our Observation Room.”


  • Working ergonomically
  • Future-proof workplaces
  • Large screens offer enhanced overview.

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