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The three operating rooms at Treant have opted for the digital OR-system created by INTER. This was recently first installed on swivel arms at one of their locations. During medical procedures, the iOR image routing system provides the surgeon with information such as live keyhole surgery footage, lab results or X-rays. Decisive in the choice for this solution were the high quality and safety for patients and the ease of use and ergonomic handling for the surgeons.

The iOK image routing system delivered by INTER offers the surgeon real-time information during medical procedures. This can either be live footage during keyhole surgery, but may also include lab results or X-rays stored in the EHR.

Furthermore, the video footage of keyhole surgeries or parts thereof can also be stored digitally, added to the EHR or streamed to rooms outside of the operating room. This is useful for training new surgeons, supervision during procedures or second opinions of medical experts at remote locations. An additional benefit for the OR team is that they no longer have to move monitors in or out of the operating room during medical procedures.

The monitors are installed on swivel arms around the operating table, which ensures that surgeons can rely on them both comfortably and ergonomically.

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