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Operating rooms University Medical Centre in Utrecht (NL)

The University Medical Centre in Utrecht has completely renovated 21 operating rooms, divided over two buildings. Prior to this project, the renovation of the two hybrid operating rooms had already been completed. Although the configuration of the operating rooms vary depending on the medical expertise practiced within them, each of them is equipped with the iOR video routing system provided by INTER.

Standardised work method with user-friendly controls
“The user-friendly touch panel integrated into the wall of the iOR image management system enables the OR team to select the monitors on which available footage is shown, for instance originating from the OR lamp, C-arm, microscope, laparoscope or anaesthetic monitor. Furthermore, all audio, internet radio and the ceiling camera are also controlled with the touch panel”, say the Multimedia Consultant of the University Medical Centre in Utrecht who is the Project Leader for multimedia facilities for the new operating rooms. The real-time footage transfer, in HD resolution and without loss of image quality, processed by the image routing system, enables the surgeon to operate using the monitor. This is essential for the UMC in Utrecht, considering the growing amount of minimally invasive surgeries.

A calm operating room
Every operating room is equipped with an adjacent room from which the image routing system can be viewed and communication with the operating team can take place. This prevents unnecessary traffic within the OR and maintains a calm environment.
To provide for efficient primary support, the UMC Utrecht uses the Management Information System developed by INTER to provide for technical support without leaving the workplace. If any notifications are displayed, immediate insights are available into the system status, which help to localise any problems and in some cases, even solve them remotely. This reduces waiting times and unrest in the OR.

Benefit of the digital OR

  • Simple intuitive touch controls
  • Entirely IP-based without image compression and with minimal latency
  • Self-scaling software enables unlimited expansion with new medical devices
  • Prepared for the implementation of future OR techniques

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