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Excellent audio, video and easy controls are essential within an auditorium. As presentations in this setting are usually listened to by a large audience, the audibility of the speaker, the visibility of the presentation and a system that is easily operated are key when configuring an auditorium.

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A speaker in an auditorium must be audible for a (large) group of visitors. A high-end audio system and microphone will ensure this. Presentations must be clearly visible, which is why we work exclusively with high-end high-resolution presentation screens with a maximum light output to ensure the highest standards in image quality are met. Naturally, the system must be reliable and easy to operate. Based on the wishes of our customers, we work with either physical or touch panels, making it easy to control the system and configure the image and audio settings for every user. Presentations are easily started by (wirelessly) connecting different devices. Nowadays, many organisations also choose to live-stream their presentations with webcasting services. To offers these services professionally, an organisation also requires a video registration system.

Our solutions for an auditorium:

  • Audio systems
  • Presentation screens
  • Wireless presentation facilities
  • Video registration system
  • Webcasting

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