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Control Room

A Control Room is the centrepiece of a critical organisational process. To safeguard operational continuity and solve any problems that may occur, users working in these rooms rely on the availability of correct information and communication tools. Consequently, continuous system availability is a prerequisite for ensuring 24/7 process availability. The control rooms created by INTER are always designed with a clear overview that avoids clutter and contain solutions with optimal user-friendliness.

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Typical control rooms often show much and wide-ranging available information. By presenting this information in a dynamic and comprehensible lay-out, users maintain a clear process overview. The same is achieved for individual workplaces, as their state is a determining influence for productivity.

Video walls are used to present information comprehensibly and simultaneously to everyone in the control room. This correct and quick communication handling contributes to an efficient operational process. Centralising the integration of all communication and control components offers users everything they need at their fingertips, enabling them to maintain full control over their process.

Another important aspect within control room settings, both for employers and employees, are ergonomic requirements. A proper ergonomic workplace contributes not only to the well-being of the user, it also reduces absenteeism. INTER always fully integrates the ergonomic user aspects in every workplace design.

Solutions delivered within Control Room settings include:

  • KVM
  • Video walls
  • Dashboarding
  • Ergonomic workplaces
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