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Emergency Department

Being able to share information and communication quickly and properly while offering unscheduled and urgent medical care to patients with acute conditions or injuries is critically important. Doctors and nurses also prefer to be directly connected to the ambulant team, helping them to prepare the emergency room and be optimally prepared to receive the patient.

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In addition to delivering and installing the audio-visual interior and system integration for Emergency Rooms, we also provide for reliable video communication. This makes remote information sharing and live-streaming remarkably easy!

No time to lose?
A digital information wall installed in an Emergency Room supports ER teams by offering them relevant information on the spot. The dashboard shows various parameters, a trauma timer, a CPR clock, patient information and emergency procedures. Easy to see for everyone and easy to control from the emergency operating table. If every minute counts, smart pre-sets ensure that the attending physician can immediately switch to different or multiple images. Proper communication and the exchange of information in the emergency room helps ER teams to make the right decisions.

Our solutions for Emergency Rooms (ER):

  • Digital ER information wall (combined with the following solutions)
  • iOK image and audio routing (radio, video-over-IP, 4K/3D)
  • iMas image recording and storage (procedure and selective recording, black box recording)
  • ORflow Workflow management and information management (3rd party integration, dashboarding, integrated controls)
  • Live connections (video conferencing, streaming, headsets)
  • Video management ambulances
  • Consultancy (OR (re)construction, project and interior advice)

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Our Account Managers can answer all your AV questions, from how to optimally equip operating rooms to the audio-visual interior of multidisciplinary team meeting rooms with video conferencing facilities, auditoria and offering service and advice for diagnostic workplaces.

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