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EOC (Emergency Operations Centre)

Emergency Operations Centres are aimed at facilitating multidisciplinary teams and enable them to act quickly during calamities or crises. Ease of use of systems and a clear overview are of the greatest importance to be able to take the right decisions in stressful circumstances. Optimal visualisation, communication and operation are critical. The crisis manager must be able to initiate calamity meetings instantly, while all relevant information must be available immediately to take the right decisions.

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All people present within the EOC must be able to fully trust the system. Being able to initiate crisis meetings is of crucial importance. Sharing and obtaining information, for instance retrieved from a control room, can be crucial for making the right decisions. The system within an EOC must be easy to operate. By integrating all controls into a central touch panel, all elements within the EOC can be booted instantly. A wireless presentation system enables all participants to share content to the presentation screen. This increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the emergency meeting. We provide for the entire interior of your emergency operations centre, which includes the furniture, software and hardware.

Our solutions for Emergency Operations Centres

  • Presentation screens
  • Wireless presentation facilities
  • Video conferencing facilities
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