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Intensive Care

To constantly monitor the condition of patients, it is important to be able to monitor Intensive Care patients from a central location as much as possible. The same applies to the recovery rooms within the OR facility or other departments where patients are in need of constant monitoring while being continuously physically present is not possible.

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Smart patient monitoring
INTER does not only provide for the cameras used for monitoring patient, we also provide for image distribution and storage solutions. Furthermore, we have all required software available for monitoring specific parameters. These include various types of alerts to notify staff members about unusual situations requiring attention. This allows for quick assistance if the patient leaves the bed unexpectedly, is restless or is at risk of falling out of bed. This way, the patient is monitored remotely.

Using camera monitoring
Of course it must be able to switch the cameras off, and patients must always be aware that he or she is being monitored with a camera. This solution is especially useful during times of staff member shortages or during night shifts, to remain a clear overview even with a smaller staff.

Many radiology and radiotherapy departments also use these cameras to remotely monitor patients who were administered medicaments, but also patients who are being examined with X-rays. The last example prevents the lab technician from being overexposed to radiation, as he does not have to enter the room in which the patient is subjected to X-rays.


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