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Operating Room

We understand that medical experts must be able to focus entirely on the patient during medical procedures. It is therefore required that the surgeon has the right images available on the monitors at all times, as quick action might always be necessary during critical situations. Our user-friendly system controls help you to achieve that. 

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As an expert in audio-visual solutions and system integrations within Operating Rooms, the image and information management systems delivered by INTER ensure that your operating team always has the right information available.

A comprehensible, central information display contributes to the collaboration between people within the operating room. By automating and integrating information sources smartly, we offer reliable data exchange and reduce the administrative burden of data registration.

This enables your team to complete operations better, quicker and safer.

The integrated Operating Room

INTER’s integrated OR solutions with ORflow video switching and iMAS essentials for recording and streaming are the answer to these needs. More than 350 operating rooms throughout Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands are  equipped today with healthcare solutions from INTER, developed for and together with operating teams. Our in-depth knowledge of technology and in-house software developers play a key role in developing integrated IT solutions that contribute to better OR workflows.

ORflow and iMAS software

Our integrated OR platform ORflow currently offers ORflow video switching and iMAS essentials modules for recording and streaming internationally. ORflow and iMAS are the best-fit solutions to meet new developments, changing needs and requirements hospitals are facing today. The modular-based platform is scalable, ready-to-use and flexible. In addition, it is constantly being expanded with new functionalities and elements.

The modules can either be integrated with each other, in the future as part of the ORflow platform or applied as standalone systems, unrelated to the platform and independent from each other.

What these solutions bring to your OR-team:

  1. ORflow video switching: ensures an intuitive interface for the routing, reviewing and sharing of medical images and videos on the monitors inside the OR and beyond. 
  2. iMAS essentials for recording and streaming: provides optimized storage of images and videos, simple findability and sustainable long-term image management. Images and recordings can be directly saved in a patient’s medical record. To adequately set up long-term massive storage, INTER offers a sustainable storage solution.
  3. Process optimization: is the core of all INTER solutions, achieved by automated exchange and presentation of images and data exactly where they’re needed. To integrate procedures, new healthcare standards or even third-party systems, new modules are constantly developed to enhance the functionality of our platform even further.

Contact us to see how the ORflow platform is subsequently rolled out with new process management modules that guide your OR-team through the entire operating process.

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